Topic-wise Preparation Tips to Study Quantitative Aptitude for Any Bank Exam

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Topic-wise Preparation Tips to Study Quantitative Aptitude for Any Bank Exam

The Quantitative Aptitude section in various major banking exams like SBI PO, IBPS Clerk, RBI Grade B, NABARD and others is without a doubt the trickiest and most challenging section of all.

Many applicants dread this section, yet it is also true that those who practise well can achieve good results in it. While preparing for quantitative aptitude, the candidate must demonstrate consistency, regularity, and determination.

Candidates must pay close attention to the quantitative aptitude section of any banking exam. Many banking exams will be held this year, and candidates should begin preparing for them now in order to get the jobs they want.

On that note, let’s discuss a chapter-wise preparation strategy that will help you master each concept one by one to ace the quantitative aptitude section in any banking exam.v

Number Series

Typically, a series of five questions are asked on this topic. Currently, there are a lot of questions about missing and inaccurate number series. Let’s discuss a few tips to help you master number series questions.

  • Before attempting to apply the patterns to answering questions, you should practise a lot and become familiar with them.
  • The ability to analyse patterns is all that is required for number series questions. If you find it, you’ll know the answer in a matter of seconds.
  • Spend no more than a minute on each number series; if you can’t figure out the pattern in less than a minute, move on to the next question.

Simplification/ Approximation

This topic contributes 5-10 questions on an average in any banking exam. All you need is a quick calculating speed to succeed. Let’s talk about some important tricks that will help you solve these questions easily.

  • Do operations in accordance with the ‘BODMAS’ rule.
  • Avoid calculating the exact figure when dealing with approximation questions and instead use approximate values.
  • To ace this part, memorise the tables up to 25, squares up to 30, and cubes up to 20. It will boost your speed and save you time.

Quadratic Equations

In the preliminary stage of any bank exam, you can expect roughly 4-5 questions from quadratic equations. The majority of the questions on this topic are of moderate difficulty.

  • If you grasp the fundamentals of this topic, you should be able to answer 3-4 questions rather quickly.
  • Solve previous years questions to get familiar with the types of questions asked from the topic.
  • Most of the questions asked are based on root based quadratic equation, general Quadratic Equation, Sridharacharya Rule based Quadratic Equation and to find roots of quadratic equation. You are advised to practice these types of questions as much as possible to get a hang of them.

Data Interpretation

You should expect 1–2 sets of data interpretation questions in the Prelims exam, each with 5 questions, and 4–5 sets in the Mains exam. Solving data interpretation questions demands a solid understanding of concepts like profit and loss, simple and compound interest, probability, time speed, and distance, and so on. Let’s discuss a few tips to solve Data Interpretation questions.

  • Work to improve your calculation speed by learning useful formulas and short tricks, practising a lot of questions and doing mental calculations.
  • Eliminate choices and estimate the graph visually to arrive at the answer.
  • Make it a habit to observe units while practising data interpretation questions.


Profit and Loss

Quantitative Aptitude contains a section on profit, loss, and discount.This concept will also be used in several Data Interpretation questions. Understand the fundamental concepts and learn the crucial formulas.


This topic is frequently employed in the calculations of other topics such as profit and loss, approximation, data interpretation, and so on. Learn important formulas and short tricks to calculate faster.


This topic will be covered in one question on the Prelims exam. It’s also used to solve Data Interpretation problems. To improve your grasp of how to utilise it, simply practise the questions.

Ratio and Proportion

Learn all formulas and short tricks to solve questions quickly and save time. Solve examples of past year’s banking test problems to obtain a better grasp of how questions are asked.

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